Xbox buying Activision Blizzard

Xbox Buying Activision Blizzard

What does $68.7B buy you in the world of gaming in 2022? The answer is quite simple.

Activision! That’s right folks. Xbox buying Activision Blizzard is a thing on the table now.

With the recent social turmoil Activision has been going through from employee misconduct and Microsoft’s pretty impeccable history of how they treat employees this can potentially become a huge win/win for both brands, and help restore Activision in the eyes of the gaming community. Xbox buying Activision Blizzard actually looks fantastic on paper.

Activision has been around... forever!

My first Activision experience was an amazing one. Atari 2600 and the game Pitfall. Jumping and swinging your way to victory and it was challenging AF at times. I was 9 years old in 1982 when the game came out and I had received an Atari 2600 the year before after being laid up for the summer as a result of being hit by a car (props to Dad on the hookup.. thanks!)

I spent countless hours playing Pitfall and they’re some of my best memories of an otherwise shit year. My friends would come over on different days to keep me company, play some games, and just hang out. Often times after the excitement of the game some friends would roll me out in the wheelchair and eventually I’d be rolling down the hill by our house much to the chagrin of the neighborhood moms always watching!

Legendary times.

Pitfall wasn’t the only amazing 80s experience I had with Activision. Keystone Kapers, Chopper Command, Kaboom!, Ice Hockey, and Grand Prix were also some of my absolute favorites. We had a video rental store that rented out Atari 2600 games so each week I was allowed to pick a game or two to keep me busy and it was a blast.

Since then? Activision has all but blown the heck up over the years. In 2008 they had a huge merger becoming Activision Blizzard and now represent household titles like Warcraft, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and so much more.

Why is Xbox buying Activision Blizzard for $68.7B

A games list is easy, just go to the Activision Blizzard site and you’ll see just how much IP is involved here. It’s massive beyond description. What will be more interesting is to see if any games become Xbox exclusive over time, or incorporated into the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. 

Just to show you the scope of this.. Some of the games include:

  • Call of Duty franchise
  • World of Warcraft
  • Warcraft
  • Guitar Hero
  • Overwatch
  • Diablo
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Skylanders
  • …and countless classic titles owned by them as a holding company (not to mention all of the MOBILE games under their belt)
Xbox buying Activision Blizzard

Xbox acquiring Activision Blizzard won't happen overnight

They will have to do all the backend work now. I’m sure Sony or some other developer will start screaming ‘Monopoly!’ making them vet this even further.. but bottom line in my opinion this is only good for the long-term health of Activision Blizzard and putting more amazing games into our hands.

Xbox recently passed 25 million subscribers to their Game Pass services so how this fits in, what games old and new that may be included, future exclusive releases, etc. all to be determined. The deal can potentially take up to 18 months to complete so second half of 2023 for this to finanlize would not be a huge shock. CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer leading the charge makes me happy, he’s been a beacon of light to the gaming world. As it stands today, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick will keep running business as usual.. and either he or a future CEO will be another one of the many arms reporting in to Phil Spencer.

Let me know in the comments. What do you think of Xbox buying Activision Blizzard?

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Keep on gaming my friends!

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