WarDogs Reds Return

WarDogs: Red’s Return now Available on PC/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/PS 4

Did you wake up this morning thinking to yourself.. Self, I want to kick ass and take names, as a dog?

Of course you did! WarDogs: Red’s Return is here to give you that old school chaotic fighting experience.

From the PR desks of QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Mito Games

After a catastrophic plague almost sweeping the world, the remnants of humanity have turned to genetic engineering to survive. Unrecognizable, the humans now strive to recover in the few cities that still exist.
Living in the periphery of a tecnologic paradise, the outcasts of society live under the domain of the many gangs that control the suburbs. Among them is Red, a young fighter going back home after a year away, finding it immersed in conflict. After seeing his old friends, he needs to discover who is responsible for this chaos and end his plans before it’s too late.
Gameplay Retro-Style
Fight against hordes of enemies in style “2.5D retro beat ‘em up” inspired by classics of the genre.
Try different combinations of punches and kicks to perform different moves.
Special Moves
Make use of special techniques and powerful abilities called Breaks to gain an advantage and change the course of combat.
Story Mode
Follow Red in the first part of his saga, facing several challenges to uncover the reason behind the current chaos state in the suburbs. (More levels will be launched in a near future).
Dangerous Streets
Defeat several different enemies, as well as threatening bosses in each level.
Derrote vários inimigos diferentes, bem como chefes ameaçadores em cada fase.
Team up
Purchase and equip a wide range of cosmetics and implants items with effects that allow you to customize your character to best suit your game style.
More challenges
Face alternative daily levels on Mission mode, with each time more chances to receive rare rewards based on your performance.

I’ll be playing and reviewing this game later this evening because, the idea of kicking ass in the body of a 6′ dog man just absolutely appeals to me. For the price tag of $3.59 on the Steam Store there is really no way to go wrong.

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