The Story

Everyone and every site has a story. So what’s mine? Well it all started for me as a kid of the 70s and 80s. Hanging out at the local Nathan’s and playing games in the arcade. Quarter after quarter in what felt like an endless nirvana of video game playing.

It wasn’t JUST in the arcade. We had th emighty Atari 2600 release. Then I had a Commodore Vic 20. Nintendo NES. Even a PCjr which was IBM’s original color home computer. TurboGraffix16 had it’s space on my shelf at one point too.

Eventually the more traditional PC gaming boom that began in the early 90s with all of the 286/386/486 computers as the home market began to explode and modems became not only a thing, but a popular one at that.

Gaming? That’s just a part of how I was brought up. Maybe the games were different, but the competition and fun were the same. Before the Battle Royale genre took off these was Multi-player DOOM servers, MMO’s like Ultima Online and Asheron’s Call… I was busy. Playing them all.

Enough of the past. This isn’t an encyclopedia. Let’s move forward to the now. I’m a grizzled bastard who still likes to play games and live my life my own way. No care or regrets.

When the camera is off and lights go dim I’m with my family, pets, friends, and doing the domesticated beast thing. My off button is louder than some peoples on.

So where do we go from here? It’s easy. Watch a stream, check out a blog post or video, read a review. Whatever floats your boat. I’m going to deliver them my way and I hope you can transport yourself to a world where arcades still smell like urine and cheap pot, with toothless loose women standing on the back wall with a warm beer catcalling everyone in sight.

My superpower? Telling stories that give you a moment to just hang out and have a lighthearted laugh. If you want a political debate or something serious I’m 1000% NOT your guy.

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