NWA Powerrr: Episode 6 ‘More Questions Than Answers’

Clap Them Cheeks

Well folks what can I say. NWA Powerrr Episode 6 ‘More Questions Than Answers’ has arrived and I’m ready to sit back and enjoy the show.

Here we go. 3..2..1. ? Into the Fire! ? NWA Powerrr begins.

Colt Cabana speaks. Outlaw Inc vs Wildcard, and now David Marquez interviews the Rock & Roll Express and Outlaw Inc comes out to give props.

Trevor Murdoch flies

Match 1: Trevor Murdoch vs Caleb Konley

Trevor clearly past his prime but it’s awesome seeing him come in as a better than usual enhancement talent. I can’t see them pushing him but that’s cool. He’s far more believable as enhancement as say Barry Horowitz was back in the 80s. In a surprising twist…

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

Interview with Aron Stevens is always gold. He’s back in the pirate gear and he’s got the audience in the palm of his hand once again. Shogun of Malibu sounds amazing.

Match 2: Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle vs. Crystal Rose and Brooklyn Creed

Do I even need to comment here? We already know who is winning this one. Granted I was surprised by the Murdoch match but this pairing from last weeks episode is clearly just starting up.

Winners and squash as expected: Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle

The post match interview with the 2 of them is great. So cheesy with the translations, I’m digging it.

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana Interview

Colt holding the gold interviewed by Marquez and rocking it until Ricky Starks comes out and cuts a short promo on him and walks away. Looks like we may know who the next challenger to the title will be.

?The Question Mark? on NWA Powerrr

Match 3: Dan Parker vs ?The Question Mark?

Unexpected match here. Dan Parker looks like Donald Trump jr. if he hit the gym. Crowd is already going off for ?The Question Mark? and as a kid watching The Missing Link as well as a dozen masked men I’m digging this big time.

Jesus Christ after a massive missile dropkick ?The Question Mark? levels Parker with a massive strike.

Winner and new hero to the people: ?The Question Mark?

BTW having not one but two RetroMania Wrestling advertisements in the show is absolute gold. I’ve been following those guys for a while and cannot WAIT for this game to come out.

They’re still going on about ?The Question Mark? lol I absolutely LOVE this you can’t even understand unless you grew up watching studio wrestling how awesome something like this is.

Eli Drake comes out for an interview talking about Kamille not talking and he doesn’t give a damn. This guy is absolute gold on the mic and great in the ring. Cutting his promo on how she won’t speak because she’ll say the name.. Eli Drake! The crowd is chanting ‘Question Mark’ mid interview! Now the tag champs Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs come out to confront Eli and tell him to mind his own business. Ken Anderson comes out and cuts a short promo offering himself to Eli Drake as a partner.

Amazing parody commercial, Billy Corgan asking people to join his email list (I just did) and now NWA Champion Nick Aldis is out chatting about history.

Outlaws Inc. vs. The Wild Cards (c)

Right as they said they’re going to break, BOOM, a fight breaks out and the match begins. I’m going to call this like it is. All 4 guys in this match have the talent to work anywhere so this is just a solid, old school feel, pro-wrestling match and I’m enjoying it.

Jim Cornette with the gold, “Nobodies cosplaying in this wrestling ring.” LOL

Longest match of the night and they really are making the “main event” match of every episode the special one, the true feature. Wild Cards taking control towards the end and picking up the 1..2..3.

Winners: The Wild Cards

NWA Powerrr Kamille

NWA Powerrr Episode 6 is over folks

Kamille comes out to the ring, followed by James Storm. Wild Cards, Dawsons, Eli and Anderson annd arguing at the side of the ring as Into The Fire hits and the show closes.

Another great episode folks. This is my regular Wednesday morning viewing party. Maybe next week I’ll do a live viewing party while I watch the show. All NWA Powerrr reviews from now on will be found here in it’s own category on Dirty Coinslot.

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