SummerSlam 2019 Results [Spoilers Inside]

Clap Them Cheeks

Hey folks it’s SummerSlam Sunday 2019 and we have a pretty killer card in store for us all tonight. If you want to know the main details of whats happening you can check out my SummerSlam 2019 preview post here.

I missed the early hour – hour and a half of the pre-show so we’re picking it with Elias in the center of the ring, doing what he does best, entertaining a packed house.

Boom Edge hits the ring. SPEAR.

Edge leaves the ring.

Up next we have the Women’s Tag Team Championships on the line. Likely to solve the “Hey you didn’t pin ME” dilemma we all know the Iconics will be coming out complaining about in the way only they can.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (C) vs The Iconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)

Iconics are slowing down Nikki Cross. Alexa is in her more friendly and bright pop colors tonight, clapping, baby facing. Crowd loves her so they’re into it. Billie Kay still beating on Nikki while this all is going on. Iconics keeping control.

Alexa with the hot tag and taking out the Iconics. Hits a Twisted Bliss after a solid right and STILL your Women’s Tag Team Champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

That’s the last match of the pre-show. SummerSlam is starting in 10 minutes! The podium having their usual conversation to kill time for the start of the show.

WWE SummerSlam starts NOW!

Opening pyro, here we go for the second time from Toronto, Canada. Sold out. 32nd SummerSlam. Here we go!

Natalya vs Becky Lynch (C) for the RAW Woman’s Championship in a Submission Match

Becky comes out to a decent cheer but Natty comes out to a heroes welcome. The crowd in Toronto is going nuts for the first third generation female superstar.

Not sure why but the match has started and it looks like they’re dressed as a tag team. Costuming fail here, someone didn’t look at the matchups on the card. Regardless, Becky taking early control with strikes and now numerous submission attempts being thwarted with Natalya’s strength.

A few power moves outside of the ring and now Natty is taking control of the match. Ongoing series battling back and forth for a while at the end SuperPlex off the top rope Natty crushes Becky and now we’re waiting to see who gets up first.

This is awesome chant breaking out. They’re right. It’s a great bout. Natalya holding a Sharpshooter for a while but Becky gets out. Then Becky gets a Disarmer and is cranking and cranking it. Natalya taps. Match over.

and still…… The Man Becky Lynch

Trish Stratus getting interviewed. Lots of bleach and boobs going on. Standard Stratus. She’s giving her farewell match info. “If she’s the Queen, then honey, I’m the Queen of Queens.”

Dolph Ziggler vs. Goldberg

As expected Dolph hits the ring. We all know why this is happening on many fronts. 1) To give Goldberg his ‘entrance’ and 2) so we can make Goldberg look better after that shit showing at the last Saudi PPV.

Dolph will carry this match regardless of the result. DZ just buried Goldberg on the mic, queue the music. Bret Hart guy in the audience thumbing down Goldberg is fucking hysterical and ironic at the same time. Hero of the audience so far this show.

BOOM! Superkick and a quick pinfall attempt. 2nd Superkick! Another power out from Goldberg.

SPEAR. Trading finishers. Goldberg motioning for the Jackhammer. Goldberg chants running wild brother. He’s up for the Jackhammer.

……………………and down. BOOM! 1,2,3 Goldberg wins

God that was fucking horrible. I hope DZ got paid well for the 2 moves he oversold for the geriatric grandpa of power wrestling, Oldberg.

Dolph calling out Goldberg after the match and he’s coming back to the ring. Another spear by Goldberg. Music hits again.

Dolph selling like a boss and struggling to get back up to his feet. Hell he’s struggling to crawl to the mic. DZ = the only real GOLD in this match. Dolph calling Goldberg out after he has left the arena. His music hits again and Goldberg is returning yet again. This is hilarious.

Goldberg picks up Dolph and goes to walk away and instead runs the ropes into a massive spear leaving Dolph crippled in the center of the ring. Dolph just sold this old piece of shit to look like a fucking killing machine. So tragic but man, #thankyoudolph for being fantastic.

The New Day hitting the screen with an incredible promo as always. Drake came out to kill it, funny as always. Hair game on point. Power of Positivity is here.

Ricochet vs. AJ Styles (C)

Ricochet comes out to a pretty cool as usual entrance. Costumer keeping this all black and studded theme alive like an 90s Judas Priest concert.

Japanese announce team is Carmella and R-Truth in costume lol fucking random and hilarious.

AJ Styles and The O.C. head to the ring. Lots of gold there and I’m not gonna lie, I love seeing them like this. Even Gallows coming out with the face paint like in Japan.

Great start to the match but with these two guys what the hell can you expect? There will be far too many moves here to describe so let’s all just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s going to be fucking amazing.

The ongoing story here is Ricochet’s injured knee and how amazing it is when he can get any move off. I get selling an injury to give a “win” to the champ without damaging Ricochet’s stock value but this is just getting absurd.

5 minutes, Ricochet is still in pain awaiting for the adrenaline to kick in. It took a while but The O.C. has attacked as expected. A little fight back, more battle and AJ Styles gets the 1.2.3

We get a little rough and tumble from The O.C. and it cuts to the greatest promo crew in the WWE. Hailing from NXT, Street Profits! Flair joins in for a tremendous promo I’m loving every second of this.

Ember Moon vs Bayley (C) for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

This has potential to be a good match. They both can work pretty damn hard in their own ways. Very different skillsets but their sizing and body types should make for what looks like a pretty fair matchup.

Ember Moon has started off strong and relentless. After a series of misses from both competitors Bayley is starting to now take control of her own. With that the crowd is starting to pick up but they’re sounding pretty checked-out right now.

Bayley pulling out moves of her own and taking a commanding position in the match until Ember Moon starts a comeback of her own. Ember Moon with double knees to the face but only gets a 2 count.

Ember Moon on the top rope. Counter by Bayley and she hits a Bayley to Belly off the top rope and gets the 1..2..3.. Winner Bayley!

SummerSlam 2019 has been great so far. Other than the cheesy Goldberg vs Ziggler match where Dolph had to let Oldberg get his moves off in exchange for roasting him, SummerSlam has been a success.

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens – If KO loses, he will quit WWE

Shane-o-Mac starts of by coming to the ring. Cuts his own music and stands on the turnbuckle to hush the crowd while getting his ‘best in the world’ introduction.

KO’s music hits and the arena erupts. Canada is fully behind Kevin Owens as expected in his home country. Shane grabs the mic and announces a ‘Special Guest Enforcer’ and it’s Elias.

The match begins with a lot of cat and mouse, of course Elias is constantly getting in the way and creating distractions. Huge ‘Shane You Suck’ chant but KO keeps fighting back. Shane is his usual punch and knee machine of horrible wrestling. Why KO even wastes time in a match with this garbage is sad. Nobody wants to see Shane in the ring.

KO hits a pop-up Powerbomb but Elias creates a ref distraction of his own. Shane tries for a cheap pin and fails.

KO intercepts a chair, thinks about it. But no, he won’t give in. Shane missed KO from behind and nails Elias and KO hits a massive shot off the ropes and then takes out the officials.

KO in the ring with the chair, no officials, and a wrecked Shane-o-Mac in the center of the ring. Elias outside the ring and KO ands up with him destroying him with a chair. Elias is toast for now.

KO ball kick, Stunner, 1.2.3.. KO WINS! The Toronto crowd is absolutely loving it. Fight Toronto Fight! This is your SummerSlam!

Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus

Here we go. Trish and her retirement / farewell match. This puts asses in seats in Canada, we all know why this is happening. Next to no real story or match buildup other than a couple bitchy back and forth moments.

They’re both talented, from different eras, so I’m open to see how this match will go.

Trish coming out strong, looking prepared both in the ring and the psychological game. A lot of back and forth here with eventually the ladies in the ring and Charlotte taking control.

We’re up to Charlotte dominating and yelling “This is Trish Stratus” until she eventually explodes and fights back. Jesus Christ Trish took an enormous bump from the apron to the floor and it looked like she landed like total shit. She’s ok though and slowly getting back up to fight.

Charlotte dragging her back in the ring with vicious knees. Charlotte gets cocky and misses the moonsault. Trish is still hanging on. Trish chopping Ric Flair style, now they’re fighting in the corner. Charlotte blocks a top rope Hurricanrana but then Trish hits it. Charlotte recovers and is going back to a ground and pound style offense that has gotten her much of this match to her side.

Trish puts the Figure 4 on Charlotte! OMG Trish gets on the Figure 8!! Flair escapes. Great moment though. This is awesome rightfully breaks out from the crowd. It is. Stratusfaction and a 2 count.

Charlotte gets the Figure 8 on and gets Trish Stratus to submit for the win.

What a surprise awesome match, I did not expect much. More of a Goldberg / Dolph moment but man was I wrong. Ladies killed it. If only Goldberg would give talent the rub like Trish just did. Kudos to them both for a kick ass match and performance. Charlotte quietly left the ring leaving Trish who is STILL SELLING THE FIGURE 8 while doing her goodbye waves to her music and a Thank You Trish chant. Great SummerSlam moment. #respect

Rollins backstage getting ready and Bret Hart comes out and says “I’ll be watching” so add that to the cameo list.

BTW I didn’t mention this yet but THANK YOU COREY GRAVES for wearing an absolutely splendid jacket to work today. Channeling a Jesse Ventura-like clothing choice.

Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston (C) for the WWE Championship

As they enter the ring I gotta say, Xavier’s hair is straight fire tonight.

Randy and Kofi having a great battle. Full disclosure I’m starving and want to watch the whole show tonight so I have it running while I’m going back and forth so I’m watching more than typing for this one.

This match is average at best. Occasional spot that’s ok but I’m not going to lie, this is pretty fucking boring. They both deserve better storylines.

Randy being a creeper to Kofi’s kids. Kofi loses it while the 10 count bell rings. Looks like this will drag on. Kofi has a kendo stick.

Kofi has hit Randy with the Kendo stick the better part of 50 times.

Double Countout, this will continue onward much to my chagrin.

Steve’s SummerSlam Snoozer of the PPV

Finn Balor vs The Fiend Bray Wyatt

This is one of those SummerSlam moments I’ve totally been waiting for. Fingers crossed that this delivers. The build up has been pretty great so far.

Finn Balor hits the ring in all white. Crowd is psyched to see him as always but the anticipation for The Fiend is unreal. Firefly Funhouse music hits the Titantron and then it gets dark and the screen says Let Him In. Creepy as fuck. It’s pitch black. He is coming out in total darkness with a lantern that looks like it has a head in it. Amazing.

The lantern looks like a Bray Wyatt head. This is the greatest entrance of all time and fuck man I’ve seen them all for the past 40 years! This just set a crazy tone and a Holy Shit chant broke out.

The Fiend is destroying Balor right now. Let Him In chants breaking out but not consistent enough. Come on fans. LET HIM IN!!!

Caught in a mandible claw. The Fiend is just putting Finn Balor out. His exit was as creepy as his entrance. Great job by Finn selling this moment. What we get in the backside of this will hopefully be Demon vs Fiend at WrestleMania or something equally awesome. This has been the highlight of the night. SummerSlam moment.

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (C) for the Universal Championship

One of the big moments of SummerSlam is Seth vs Brock. Let’s see how/if they deliver. Seth is already selling his injuries just getting into the ring.

After getting rag dolled for a while Seth puts on a decent offensive set, just to be crushed back down to reality and what felt like he was going to go through the ring post.

Rollins fights back. Off the top rope to the outside frogsplash through the announcers table and a HOLY SHIT chant is breaking out. Makes sense. It was fantastic.

They get back in the ring and a second frogsplash from the quick minded and acting Rollins. CURB STOMP! 1..2.. Lesnar gets the shoulder up!

Brock counters a curb stop to an F5 position but Seth gets out and hits a super kick. 2nd Curb Stomp! 1.2.3

Seth Rollins is your NEW Universal Champion!

Crossfit Jesus is posing to the crowd as the show closes with your new Universal Champion on the announce table while a weak pyro goes off in the background.

So let’s call this SummerSlam for what it is.


I’m feeling like early parts of the show set me up for future disappointment. A couple matches just sucked or were pretty forgettable. I’m not mad I watched the show, overall I did enjoy it and the high moments like The Fiend were worth the experience. I just felt like a couple of the important matches just felt purposeless to the show.

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