The Muppets’ Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Outside Lands 2016

Clap Them Cheeks

What happens when The Muppets, Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem band open up at a music festival in San Francisco? MAGIC HAPPENS.. that’s what!

Dr Teeth and his crew throw down with a 20+ minute set rocking and likely amazing the audience at the Outside Lands 2016 festival and it’s a video you just don’t want to miss. Music and Muppet fans alike can appreciate a live performance of this nature, it adds a new layer of complexity to something that already has a million moving parts to produce. Simply delightful.

Sit back, crack open a cold one, and let the music and humor take you away.

**UPDATE** The original video is long gone from YouTube so I’ve updated with a 3-4minute preview from The Muppets YouTube page. Sorry guys but still a great clip to enjoy!

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