SLAYER KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Collectible Statues But NO DAVE?

Clap Them Cheeks

Here is the release from Slayer on their Facebook Page:

Slayer Fans: KnuckleBonz® Rock Iconz® Limited Edition Collectible Statues are in Production!!!!

KnuckleBonz is creating individual statues of Tom Araya, Kerry King and the late Jeff Hanneman; each is sold separately. These Rock Iconz statues will be the 40th limited edition productions from KnuckleBonz as the company enters their eleventh year.

These figures are sculpted, hand-painted and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity on the base. These collectibles are created in 1/9 scale, making the average height of each statue approximately 9” tall. Each statue ships in a custom package and ships worldwide.

Pre-orders are available at to reserve one of these limited edition Slayer collectibles. Orders are shipped in the order they are received. Only 1000 created.

The problem I have with this is pretty simple. Where is Dave Lombardo? I get it, more work designing the statue when you add the drum kit but give me a break. I almost wonder if this is a tactical move by Kerry King with the recent issues the band have faced dealing with their longtime former drummer. Only speculation of course, but you gotta wonder.

What do you think? Here’s the Jeff Hanneman statue below. Pretty awesome looking.

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