ANTHRAX’s Charlie Benante “New Album As Good As Worship Music”

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Listen for yourself and rejoice in knowing ANTHRAX is still kicking ass and taking names with their music. Jack Antonio did an interview with the Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante on the “Do You Know Jack?” radio show on CKLB FM. You can listen to the full interview below via the Mixcloud player.

“I’ll tell you  Scott and I were jamming with Charlie in Chicago, just doing the demos as we do before we record the record And you know, after we’re done with a song and you’re shaking your hand like do do a fast ball? I’m telling you, the blood needed to flow again”

“I like the fact that we have to work for this. That means there’s something going on with these songs,  whether it’s fast picking, whether it’s just digging into it, something that both [Scott and I], we looked at each other and started laughing, and we started shaking our hands: ‘That’s gonna be a good one.’ And that’s the kind of record this is.”

“This is a heavy record, man. This is a heavy, riff-oriented record. It’s more thrashier, with [singer JoeyBelladonna‘s big vocals and melodies, which is gonna be great.

“I like the fact that this is a challenge to play this record. I wanna say that we’re having fun with the challenge of playing this record. So that’s what I look forward to.”

Check out the audio clip of Anthrax’s Benante below, it’s a great listen:

Charlie Benante of DO YOU KNOW JACK? RADIO SHOW 9/21/2014 by Jack Antonio on Mixcloud

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