Steel Panther’s new album ‘Balls Out’ is released!

Clap Them Cheeks

Yeah yeah I know, it has nothing to do with babies, or being a Dad, or anything 99% of the world would consider rational.

Steel Panther Rocks

But since this site is about me, I am compelled to tell you all about Steel Panther’s newest album ‘Balls Out’ hitting stores, iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else fine music is sold! So stop playing around on the world wide web and get yourself a copy of Balls Out today!

80’s inspired rock with a fun lyrical twist. What more can you want??? You can go pick up new albums from bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison, and all of those 80s bands and they sound like a bunch of tired old men with no energy and nothing but old peoples music. Michael Starr and crew will rock off your face and cover you in goo. If your not into hard rock it’s probably not for you. But hey, I hear there’s a Toto world tour of dental office lobbies and bus stop restrooms happening in 2012 if that kind of crappy music is more your bag.

But if you have Balls, they’re OUT! and listen to the legends.

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  • Thanks for sharing this good news to me.. I love to buy a copy of it!

  • I will purchase this album… Thank you for sharing info regarding this. Please keep it up!

  • Great title for an album, and I love the retro rock look.

  • It’s a killer album for sure, they keep that classic sound alive and well.

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